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Searching through a box of tapes from my childhood I came across a  compilation tape that included two tracks from a Friday Rock show session by a band called "As Above...So Below". I  remember recording that whole Friday Rock show and playing the AASB tracks a lot.  I searched through the box  but unfortunately I could only find two of the tracks.  The Quality wasn't that great as it was just recorded on a basic Tape/Radio and this is a copy of that tape.

Song Downloads *:

Here are the tracks that I recorded from the Friday Rock show for you to enjoy:

Through the wonders of the internet I also was sent a recording of the entire Friday Rock Show session by a nice chap from Holland. Here are those tracks. These are better Quality than my copies.

The above files are not really stored on a website suitable for music downloads so some people have had some difficulties listening to them. I have also put them up on youtube

Out of Touch :
As Above So Below Friday Rock Show Session track 1
As Above So Below Friday Rock Show Session track 2
City in the Sea
As Above So Below Friday Rock Show Session track 3
Flying Dreams
Dan the Bomb

As Above So Below Friday Rock Show Session track 4

Cassette Inserts from Charlie Noble: (Anyone got a copy of this tape in MP3?)

Where are the band members today?

Charlie Noble (December 2010):

I was contacted by Charlie Noble and he stated that he carried on full time in computers after the band finished and that he still plays bass for fun. His last gig was an open mike session at a pub in High Wycombe.  He stated that he hadn't seen Robin or Phil for years. As far as he knew Robin carried on teaching, Phil did some work with the BBC and Dave went into marine biology.  

Phil Hodge and Rob Hodge (April 2011):

an email from Phil:

I’m Phil Hodge from ‘As Above So Below’ fame (and Steve Hillage Band before that). I wrote all the music for the band. First of all we had nothing whatever to do with the John Peel show despite what his tribute site says. We were invited to do a session for ‘The Friday Rock Show’ by Tommy Vance and recorded it at the BBC St. John’s Wood studios. I think it was broadcast twice over the period of a couple of years. After the band split (lack of interest by the record companies) I carried on writing and recording stuff.

I did a couple of songs with Nikki Brightman (Sarah’s sister). I also rehearsed and did a gig with Dave Stewart and Barbara Gaskin. My brothers Rob, Mark and I formed a band called ‘Slippery Feet’ we did some gigs and produced a cassette.

Family commitments eventually broke us up. Some years later I reformed As Above So Below with all new material and my younger brother Laurence on drums (he’s now in a band called ‘Random Noise Generator’). We did lots of rehearsing and recordings but no live shows.

I still write lots of music mainly piano pieces and am possibly thinking of forming another band. I haven’t seen Charlie Noble or Dave Ashcroft for years but it would be great to see them again!

My brother Rob has just retired from teaching and I run my own Data Comms company.

Details of the Friday Rock Show Session: (This was sourced from a Peel Session website )




I am still looking for any other information on the band so if you have any please send it to me at:

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