Golden Gate Kennel Club : Cow Palace dog show 2nd February 2002

On this page you can find a few images and pictures from my visit to the 2002 Golden Gate Kennel Club dog show. These are my first pictures with my new digital camera. The cow palace is a very dark place and the built in flash of the camera struggled with a few of the images (especially when focusing on brilliant white dogs). I also could not really get close enough to the show ring to take any  good quality snaps. Thanks to Bob Hupp for helping me to  identify the dogs.

I am not sure who this Samoyed is but he looks a bit apprehensive just prior to going into the ring.
Male Samoyeds in the judging ring. Again I am not sure who is who but this gives a good idea just how dingy the lighting is in the cow palace. From "Bob" the second photo (of the dog being gaited) is Yukon's Arctic Explorer (call name Nansen)
Despite what the sign says the samoyed is a male called  Yukon's Arctic Explorer (call name Nansen). Sorry for the grainy picture but this was taken on high zoom at a distance where the flash had no hope of reaching the target.
An action shot of the Male Samoyeds. 
A very nice looking Samoyed called "Ivan" [Ch. Zvyezda's Ivan Ivanovich], the eventual breed winner at the show.
"Teddy" [Ch. Yukon's White House Teddy] not appreciating all the attention and noise around him. Teddy was in the top 10 breed winners last year.
My site may be based around Samoyeds but I always have a soft spot for shelties. 
I managed to purchase a wonderful Samoyed picture from the artist herself "Darlene Wilson". This made my day.  2002