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  1. To establish links between the current Samoyed dog breed and the reindeer herding dogs living with the nomadic reindeer herders in Siberia.
  2. To help promote good health and temperament in the bloodlines of the Samoyed and avoid drifting too far from the dogs aboriginal origins.
  1. Document the dogs that currently live with the reindeer herders in Siberia through research and if possible an expedition.
  2. Try to establish a genetic link between the white dogs and the Samoyed.
  3. Explore the possibilities of breeding from aboriginal bloodlines to enhance the health and temperament of the Samoyed population.
Introduction :
Ever since I first saw a Samoyed I was drawn to the breed by its outstanding beauty and artic heritage. I have owned three Samoyeds since my interest in the breed was kindled. The first Samoyed Ziggy was a handsome British boy that had a bear like appearance and awesome coat. Reading the articles on Aboriginal Samoyeds it seems that he was very typical for a British Samoyed but Quite different in appearance to the Aboriginal dogs. Unfortunately from the age of 4 onwards Ziggy was plagued by ill health and he eventually died at the age of six. My current two Samoyeds are much closer in appearance to the aboriginal dogs but I believe my male dog Angus is probably much bigger.

Temperament in my female sam Izzy seems true to the breed form where she is energetic and a great companion dog (as was Ziggy). Angus on the other hand is very independent and not a dog I could imagine being happy living in the close confines of an artic dwelling. He is a polar opposite to Ziggy. Friendly to strangers out on a walk but supremely territorial in his own domain.

The huge differences in Sams got me to thinking about the origins of the breed and I began to worry that we are deviating too far from the breeds Aboriginal makeup. Just how much of the ill health I seem to read about daily on samfans or articles on agressive samoyeds is as a result of too much inbreeding for the wrong goals. This site represents my attempt to track just how far we have come from the aboriginal Samoyed of Kilburns day. My ultimate goal is the visit the Samoyed homeland to photograph and study the dogs.  I also want to help and assist the members of SCARF to promote and improve the health of Samoyed dogs.

Link: Description People Location
Evenk Reindeer Herders Work In progress Evenk Work In progress
Dolgan Reindeer Herders Work In progress Dolgan Taymyr Peninsular
Nenet Reindeer Herders Work In progress Nenet Yamal Penninsular
Work In progress I recently found this picture dated 2006 on the UNESCO ICT4ID project. Work In progress Taymyr Peninsular
Similar Breeds:
Finnish Lapphund Looks very much like a coloured Samoyed. Work In progress
Swedish Laphund Looks very much like an all black Samoyed. Work In progress
Reindeer Herding Dog (OLENEGONKA) Please read this excellent article on the breed in the R-PADS newsletter.
1-1-2007 : Small Beginnings

I have been very busy at work and haven't had the time I hoped to have to get the website off the ground. Unfortunately I am an impatient person so rather than wait until everything is perfect then launch the site I have decided to publish what I have and then work on it where I get the time. Where you see "Work In progress" it means that I havent had the time to update that section of the website.

Please keep calling back to see what has changed.

Article By A Dutch Breeder on the aboriginal type Samoyed. Fascinating article on the preservation of the Samoyed as a breed true to its aboriginal origins from the perspective of Dutch breeders. Hosted on the RPADS website.
Origins of the Samoyed Dog Article


Oldsams - History of the breed and preservation of the Aboriginal type.
The Aboriginal Samoyed History of the Samoyed. Hosted on the RPADS website
Brief History of the Samoyed History of the Samoyed.  Hosted on the RPADS website.
Cultural Heritage Preserving the Cultural Heritage of the Samoyed
An Aboriginal Samoyed [Image from Discovery Channel - Raising the Mammoth]
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