Welcome to the story of "Angus" the Samoyed.

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Angus was born from the union of the gorgeous Ch Azteca's Scarlett Ribon (right) and the handsome Ch Rexann's Ringmaster. For them to meet on a romantic engagement their aunty Clu had to drive  all the way down to the Houston/Astro hall in Texas.  This 4000 mile trip in 11 days , chased by Hurricane Claudette and toasted by extreme  temperatures was quite an epic.  The result of this union was a litter of 5 healthy puppies including 3 boys and two girls.


Clu and Holly (back) with Joan and Suellen.

Angus "Azteca's mister Blue sky was born on the 17th of September 2003.

Suellen and puppies at 1 week old

Angus at 3 weeks Old

We went to visit Angus and his siblings at Joans home in Livermore on November the 16th. Angus came straight to us and we knew he was the dog for us.

Sue Ellen and one of Angus's sisters [November 16th]

Angus at home 8 weeks old [November 16th]

Angus came to live with us on November the 30th 2003. Things will never be the same again !. His show name is based on the classic Electric Light Orchestra track "mr. Blue Sky".  His Pet name is from the AC/DC guitarist "Angus Young" and a very hairy Scottish Cow :-)

Angus's Pedigree [Click Image for a bigger Version]

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