This section off the website is devoted to friends and relatives of Ziggy.  Many of the friends posted here are virtual and just represent correspondence I have had from fellow dog owners.



This photograph was forwarded to me by Andy. It is a great picture of Ziggy's mum with a different litter. {approval pending for use of this picture]

Ziggy's Mum "Crystal" [Arizynne Shimkah]

The following pictures are presented by the kind permission of Samoyed expert "Pam Taylor".
[Dam] Jezabel of Naduska
Great Grandparent
[Sire] CH Naduska double oh seven
Great Grandparent
If you own or have pictures of any of the dogs on Ziggy's pedigree please contact me.
[click on the pedigree for a larger image]

[Sire] CH Naduska Storm
Great Grandparent
Friends and other relations:

When Andy contacted me via email I was struck by the striking likeness between "Bobby" and Ziggy . I have included a reduced size image below of "Bobby" (with permission) . Take a look at Bobby's website for some excellent higher  resolution pictures. "Bobby" is from  the same Dam, but not the same Sire (sire was Ch.Dealmaker of Annecy) so  as his owner "Andy" stated in his email,  Ziggy is his half brother . He also told me that Arizynne Shimkah (Crystal) now lives in France. There is a  strange coincidence that both "Bobby" and Ziggy have Alcholic beverage in their Kennel names :-)

Boomer Ambre de Cognac of Annecy (Ziggy's half brother)

The Samoyed below that shares Ziggy's love for snow is "Cosmo". His owner Anne wrote to me to let me know that Cosmo's Great Great Grand Parents is Zamoyski Luckystar of Ostyak the same as Ziggy. He definitely shares the wonderful family facial structure.
"Cosmo" Kyobi Zarta Pavil