There are many thousands of Samoyed websites scattered around the internet and it would be a major task to catalog them all so I have no intention of doing it here.  In a past incarnation of this website I actually awarded an award for one site per month along with a detailed review (see logo on left). It is unlikely that I will have the bandwidth to do this again but you never know. What remains are a few choice sites that get the "Samsite"  seal of approval.  Not a comprehensive link listing but a Quality one :-)
Naduska Samoyeds is the home page of  Pam Taylor who is in my humble opinion one of the worlds top samoyed experts.  It was her who introduced me to the breed and to Ziggy's breeder. She has written an excellent book on Samoyeds and is a world class judge. She also breeds some of the cutest Sams in the world :-). Northern Samoyed Society homepage. An invaluable collection of material for the prospective or current Samoyed owner. Based in the North of England in the UK where both Ziggy and myself were originally from. Samfans is a mail group for Samoyed enthusiasts around the world.  It is an extremely active group where you can find out the answers to just about any Samoyed related problem. I try to read postings daily on this board but be warned that the volume can often be high.
The San Francisco Samoyed Rescue is a rescue organization based in Northern California. I used to regularly attend the social gatherings but lost contact for a while. They have a superb T shirt Logo. The Whitestar Samoyeds homepage is a personal favorite. They were also the first  "Samsite of the month" back when I had the time to do that sort of thing. Still as good today as it was back then. "The Samoyed"  is an excellent site with an enviable domain name that must result in thousands of page hits. A really good site with a particularly good history section by Calendar picture specialists Kent and Donna Dannen.