Welcome to the section of the site devoted to Multimedia. I have lots of  video of Ziggy from puppyhood to the present day that I intend to post on the site. I dont have much server space so the videos will be kept small in both resolution and size.  

The format of the videos will be mpeg 1 which is compatible with Video Cd's and the pocket TV system for devices such as the Cassiopeia. They should play fine in windows media player or in Quicktime. If you have any problems getting the videos to play the please visit the ultimate source for digitial video software (in my humble opinion)

I also will be adding a few compressed sound files as bandwidth allows.

The Files
I am not sure why but Ziggy simply loves paddling in fresh water but hates the sea. He wont even go down to the waters edge. This video was taken of him some 3 years ago back when he lived with my wife's parents in York England, 

He seems to want me to come in and join him but as it was a typical UK January morning there was little chance of that. 

ziggy_water.mpg = MPEG-1 format [size 1.847M]

We all know that Samoyeds are vocal creatures but can you teach them to bark on command ? Ziggy very nearly gets it in this classical rendition of "how much is that doggy in the window". My next big project is to get him to howl on command. 

I am not sure who is madder me or my wife for letting me post this to SAMFANS  :-)

Ziggy.wma = Windows media format compressed for 56k dial up access [150kb]

Reservoir Dogs in windows media 8.0 format. zigandpig.wmv. Ziggy and parsley play fighting when ziggy was a gangly puppy. 2:17 Long. <5megs.