This section of the Samsite is devoted to the many Pictures I have of both Ziggy and his friends. I have made a decision to keep the size of most the pictures down to a maximum of  640 pixels wide.  Some pictures however have been left at 800*600 for Quality.
The pictures are either scanned in pictures from 35mm print film,  screen captures from my trusty old Panasonic SVHS camcorder, screen captures from grainy old VHS and  pictures from my trusty Fujifilm 2800i digital camera

As I lost the majority of my pictures from the original Samsite it will take a long time to get all the pictures back online. Keep Checking Back.

The Gallery Index
Reference Description
Tahoe_Christmas_2001 This gallery contains 8 images captured from my camcorder on our christmas 2001 vacation to Lake Tahoe. The pictures are of both Ziggy and Parsley.
Jasper1 A gallery of my family dog "Jasper" the collie who sadly passed away in 2001
Tahoe 1 Pictures Taken round Lake Tahoe
Cow_Palace2002 A few pictures from the golden gate kennel club dog show in San Francisco.
snow1 Pictures taken in the snow.
forest1 Pictures taken in forests
mountain1 Pictures taken mountain climbing
Beach1 Pictures taken at the beach
Antioch Speciality Pictures Taken at the 2002 Northern Samoyed speciality
Virginia City Pictures Taken on a day trip to Virginia City, Nevada
Hi Resolution pictures of Ziggy on a swing
More coming soon!!!